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(Florida) Community Accessed E-Government Websites: A list of frequently used websites for government information on both the state (specifically Florida) and federal levels.

Data Discovery: Finding Unemployment Statistics: A guide to sources of unemployment and other workforce data, both national and local.

E-Government: Tips, Tools, and Best Practices: Presentation made to the Florida State Library in August 2009 on how staff can use both federal and state e-government resources.

Library of Michigan Response to Workforce Needs

see also Government Resources on Employment

Federal Workforce Development Resources: Pathfinder to workforce related resources made available through the U. S. Department of Labor (DOL), Employment and Training Administration (ETA), and through other national agencies.

Re-tooling Frontline Staff with E-government Resources : Archive and associated resources for June 2010 webinar with Florida librarians on services and partnerships that leverage e-government resources to respond to increased workforce development needs.

U.S. Public Workforce System Overview: Principles and programs from the workforce system of the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Employment & Training Administration (ETA).



Re-tooling Frontline Staff with E-government Resources (WebJunction)

Knowing how to find and use E-government resources is critical for patrons who need access to information related to unemployment, food stamps, Medicaid, tax forms, health and housing; and many people are asking their public library to help them navigate this information. To meet these new and increased demands on frontline staff, libraries in Florida are collaborating with government agencies and social service organizations to provide the best service possible to patrons in their state. Join us for this webinar with representatives of Florida libraries, who will share their strategies used to educate both the public and frontline staff on how to access this information and their experiences building partnerships with other agencies in their communities to respond to workforce development needs. Presenters include Nancy Fredericks, E-Government Librarian, Pasco County Public Library Cooperative; Karen Clinton Brown, Library Program Specialist, State Library and Archives of Florida; Sol M. Hirsch, Library Director and Otto C. Pleil, Reference Librarian from the Alachua County Library District.

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