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Where To Find Jobs Feedback

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North Carolina Jobs Online


Links to North Carolina Newspapers


Likes:  all local newspapers; various papers link to sites offering jobs and job advice; pretty easy to use.

Dislikes:  only online newspapers; too much clicking; must be comfortable using computers; links go directly to newspaper instead of job listings

Likes:  user-friendly navigation; lists all newspapers (even if not online)

Dislikes:  only NC newspapers (whereas NewsLink lists other states like VA)


Links to North Carolina Online Job Search Engines


Likes:  links to ESC and OSP sites; can download and print listings; covers entire state

Dislikes:  time limits on computers could impede looking at all the listings

  • Job Openings from the North Carolina Employment Security Commission

Likes:  fill in on computer and print; easy to use; can search state wide; state listings and application available; links to federal jobs; can check unemployment benefits; can narrow search by county; relocation help guide; links to job fairs and employer websites

Dislikes:  can not submit by email, must fax or mail; social security number shown on screen when typed in; not simple to navigate; no direct contact with employer; no full disclosure about many jobs unless you contact the ESC

Likes:  easy to use; current/immediate jobs at all levels; good for finding 1 day “gigs” or short term jobs; local jobs that may not be posted elsewhere, such as Monster, etc.; good for advertising service jobs or in-home services; personal safety tips; reply to company by email; multiple categories and skill levels; very direct method of searching for positions in targeted areas

Dislikes:  specific area may not be covered; must exercise caution and screen postings to avoid fraud/scams; complicated to reply to postings; not really professional or career oriented; do not know exact employer; must have email and know how to use it; job categories are kind of arbitrary

Likes:  easy navigation; search by zip code, occupation, company by radius, salary range, PT/FT; direct link to some applications; number of days posted; can create personal list; hourly/PT/professional; can filter search results; no login/account required; looks like Google; gives other options if no job is found in specific location; easy for patrons with limited computer skills; handy quick links on side of page; tips on how to land job; forum available for networking and asking questions; advanced search provides more in depth and specific results; can get RSS feed; can exclude staffing agencies

Dislikes:  mostly posts for major metro areas- must dig deeper for local jobs; confuses some locations, e.g. Greenville SC vs. NC; some descriptions are too brief; must be comfortable with computers; could not sort by most recently posted; not updated often


North Carolina Job Search Resources


Likes:  information about different career centers and their addresses; career guidance classes, workshops, resume prep; good for referrals; dislocated worker toolkit; lots of resources including youth opportunities; job seeking skills.

Dislikes:  not knowing regions to click on; no job listings; no links to ESC


National Jobs Online


Links to National Online Job Search Engines

          Likes:  resume template section; job application section - gives examples; 10 tips on job searching

          Dislikes: somewhat difficult to follow threads; too many ads 

Likes:  multiple search options- zip code, distance, travel time, etc.; postings that are not listed in traditional sources; email updates; lists job title, pay, and name of company; easy application process; links specifically for teens and senior citizens; visually appealing and energized feeling; refine search easily; practical tips; help hotline; print, email, and save options; resume component simpler than other sites; good for transient population; salary calculator; targets a large percent of our population; good resource for people in crisis mode

Dislikes:  lists low paying service industry jobs; hourly/PT- no professional listings; popup ads; need basic computer skills; cannot tell when jobs were posted; must set up account; geared toward larger employers; may share information with third parties; difficulty navigating; listings are not comprehensive- e.g. no listings for Food Lion; can only search a 30 mile radius; level of information provided dependant on employer

Likes:  search by zip code, PT/FT, company size, etc.; variety of jobs; links to other websites for jobs; provides company names for jobs; detailed description and information about jobs; advanced search for location and key words; search results in chronological order; searches lots of sites at once; can filter results; community profiles

Dislikes:  takes you to CareerBuilder which requires sign-up; trustworthiness of linked sites; registration at another site to see information

Likes:  detailed, comprehensive descriptions; links to applications; international, camps, seasonal; good for college students and retirees, those looking for fun jobs or alternative careers; very easy to use; exciting and different; great visuals and photos; part time and temp listings; interim possibilities; can email jobs to another individual

Dislikes:  small number of listings; poor design; can not apply directly from site– must contact by email or fax

Likes:  Federal government listings; Veterans resource center; allows zip code searching; basic search is broad– advanced search will yield focused results


National Job Search Resources


Likes:  widely used; helps you create a resume; sends email for jobs you are qualified for; job fair listings; stimulus jobs; advice; search by location

Dislikes:  trouble navigating website; resumes are too specialized; account/profile creation

          Likes:  different samples of resumes by careers; resume tips

          Dislikes:  lots of extraneous information; overwhelming 




Beshara, T. (2006). The job search solution: The ultimate system for finding a great job now! New York: AMACOM, American Management Association.

Likes:  talks about how to handle tough interview questions; includes chapter on “practical spirituality”– how your beliefs can help you deal with stress

Dislikes:  lengthy; lots of time required to read it fully


Bolles, M. E., Bolles, R. N., & Bolles, R. N. (2008). Job-hunting online: A guide to job listings, message boards, research sites, the UnderWeb, counseling, networking, self-assessment tools, niche sites. Berkeley: Ten Speed Press.

Likes:  brief entries; dictionary format; good at explaining the importance of social networking sites; short blurb about each site mentioned; scam warnings; updated online; success rate of methods; strategies for different groups– disabled, ex-offenders, etc.; checking out the community where the job is located

Dislikes:  print format– already dated


Shapiro, C. (2008). What does somebody have to do to get a job around here!: 44 insider secrets and tips that will get you hired. New York: St. Martin's Griffin.

Likes:  format easy to follow through process; written in the eyes of an employer and what they are looking for; goes from beginning throuhg being hired; good examples of interviews, questions, general do's and don’ts; good chapter titles; practical tips for interviewing

Dislikes:  does not list any specific jobs; may be intimidating; published on flimsy paper; too wordy


Shatkin, L. (2009). 150 best recession-proof jobs. JIST's best jobs series. Indianapolis, Ind: JIST Works.

Likes:  good indexes

Dislikes:  wages are not necessarily accurate


Yate, M. J. (2008). Knock 'em dead 2009: The ultimate job search guide. Avon, Mass: Adams Media.

Likes:  written for seasoned professionals; lots of valuable information; great for many types of job seekers; everything in one resource; in depth interview prepration; advice for job seekers in transitional periods of their lives

Dislikes:  wordy; not good for a first time job searcher; no additional resources

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