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Online Applications

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Free Email Sites

Before a job searcher begins to fill out a job application they will need to have a valid email address.

Free email accounts are available at the following sites

Outlook - Microsoft’s online email

Yahoo! Mail - Yahoo!’s online email

Gmail - Googles online email



Worksmart - Tips For Success - tips on filling out a job application

Application Checklist (pdf) - bookmark created by Buncombe County Public Libraries


Online Job Applications 

Create Your Own Practice Application  If the job seeker is not comfortable filling out forms using a computer it might be helpful for them to practice.

Job Application Guide   This job application guide includes information on how to complete a job application, including paper applications, online applications, and employer-direct applications. You can also review job application samples, examples, and forms.

Online Jobs and Kiosks from the Riley Guide - Unemployment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet.

Practice Job Application  from Stratford Library,Connecticut.  Drop-down menus, radio buttons, blank fields.



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