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How to Prepare Feedback

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Online Applications, Resumes and Cover Letters, and Interview Tips



Likes:  thorough – good tips on what to do/ avoid; practice sheets; templates; Spanish language version available; action words; tips to follow through interview process; sample fact sheet (printable) for you to carry making you prepared for application; questions to expect and ask; easy to follow step by step instructions; concise overview of application process;  good basic and advanced job application information; tells you what to look for on an application and what to have prepared, including examples.

Dislikes: No spelling or grammar check; some elements specific to California; limited national coverage links; no job searches.


Fill in Fact Sheet

Likes:  sample application to have information ready for actual application; printable form – able to take to interview; great organizational tool; time saver for organizing info.

Dislikes: can not fill in online; cannot save.


Create Your Own Practice Application

Likes:  included types of entry levels; good tips; gives confidence in filling out online applications; template via Google docs; straight forward (not a wizard); spell check.


Job Application Guide 

Likes:  printable and online applications; McDonalds – specific examples; federal job forms; link to Indeed.com; thorough, step by step information about “how to” do everything.


Online Jobs and Kiosks 

Likes:  good overview of what to expect; suggestions such as bringing work history; good idea to help people better utilize employment kiosks.


NC LIVE Resources

Likes:  easy to use; free for all public library users; easier than ms word templates; very good resume program.

Dislikes:  no spell check; may be too basic for some positions


The Riley Guide

Likes: portal to many links; webliography – annotated list; resume templates and writing guidance; list of career books.

Dislikes:  poor design; unclear updating; lacks authority; too many links to other sites;

no sample letters; hard to navigate; many advertisements.



Likes:  free critique of resume; state and city search; post resume and resume review; sample resumes/resume templates; user friendly; one stop for everything – create, send, search.

Dislikes: costs; $60.00 / year to use resume service; not logical for noncomputer users.



Likes: different samples of resumes; entry level articles; resume writing tips; view and print templates.

Dislikes: have to register/log in.


Free Resume Test 

Likes: resume score; ten second scan hint; simple; would get someone into job search mindset; free; provides detailed evaluation of resume; grammar and spelling is checked; gives good explanation on different types of resumes; inviting home page.

Dislikes:  poor layout – too much text; requires registration; repetitive questions; advertisements; 49 questions, 23 pages;  Free? Come on! (you are sent advertisements).



Likes:  free; different resume template types; lots of samples of resumes, many types of letters; very easy to use; videos on interviewing; lots of sponsored links.

Dislikes: lots of information could be overwhelming; confusing on the application page.



Likes:  for professionals who are employed and looking to dust off skills; specifically for college seniors/ professional; offers sample cover letters/ resumes; samples can be emailed; offers profiles for diversity; message board – virtual feedback.

Dislikes:  not updated regularly/ links to other sites can be confusing to novice computer users; serious services cost.


Resume Resource 

Likes:  one free trial; step by step; templates; power verbs; example resumes – free formats.

Dislikes:  subscribe required personal info; costly; need computer experience; links to other sites – need to use judgment.


Interview Dos and Don'ts

Likes:  great info.; realistic tips; good pre-interview guides.

Dislikes: doesn’t prepare you for what employer may ask.


Telephone Interview Tips

Likes:  concise list of practical tips not obvious to everyone “don’t use a cell phone”; easy to read; links to other sections of the site; virtual interview; good for distance job searchers.

Dislikes: not a lot of new information.


35 Questions 

Likes: practice interview questions; gave suggestions for interviewee to ask; use as role playing or copy questions as handout; excellent questions for both interviewer and interviewee; list of trick questions and how to answer.

Dislikes:  no right answers.


Questions to Ask Potential Employers

Likes:  great info.; realistic tips; good pre-interview guides.

Dislikes: doesn’t prepare you for what employer may ask.


Selected Books 

Farr, J. M. (2008). ** The quick résumé & cover letter book: Write and use an effective résumé in only one day. Indianapolis, IN: JIST Works.    

Likes:  easy to find and understand information; lots of examples to follow for various types of resumes and cover letters; plenty of hints and wording for application, resume and cover letters; covers all aspects of resume writing; instant resume worksheet ( fill in blanks for those who don’t know where to start); section on electronic resumes.

Dislikes: few references; not enough scenarios; resumes without dates.


Karsh, B., & Pike, C. (2009). How to say it on your résumé: A top recruiting director's guide to writing the perfect résumé for every job. New York: Prentice Hall Press.

Likes:  many samples – before and after; excellent for newly laid off professionals; lots of good examples; concise; variety of resume tips; covers many different scenarios; action verbs in back.


Kursmark, L. (2008). 30-minute résumé makeover: Rev up your résumé in half an hour. Indianapolis, IN: JIST Works.

Likes:  step by step; easy to use; good examples of resumes; accessible and quick reference tool; worksheets available for practicing; easy to implement the strategies given; lists ways to use your resume as a tool for attaining your next job.

Dislikes: title is misleading, more than 30 minutes will be required to overhaul a resume;

possibility of being out dated after a period of time depending on the date of issue; examples are in very small print.


Farr, J. M., & Gaither, R. (2009). Next-day job interview: Prepare tonight and get the job tomorrow. Indianapolis, IN: JIST Works.

Likes: covers sweaty palms, questions, negotiating salary and follow up; bold headings; practical tips; simple to read; dos and don’ts are excellent

Dislikes: almost too simple; workbook format double edged sword in library collection; good display item;

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Fry, R. W. (2007). 101 great answers to the toughest interview questions. Clifton Park, NY: Thomson Delmar Learning.

Likes:  good format, good index; provides questions to ask; green light/ red light on tough questions during interviews; tips easy to understand and follow; gives good and bad answers on excruciating questions.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Whitcomb, S. B. (2008). Interview magic: Job interview secrets from America's career and life coach. Indianapolis: JIST.

Likes: very comprehensive; different types of interviews covered; useful information; information is bulleted and bold; short and sweet.

Dislikes: sort of a workbook; more high level professionals




















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