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ARSL Notes

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Ten Tips for Developing Partnerships in Your Community 




Comments compiled from the two presentations at the ARSL conference September 2009.

Participants were asked to list a challenge they face in providing service to the job seekers in their communities.  The challenges were posted and the participants shared solutions.


Challenge:  Not Enough Time or Staff


     Utilize volunteers

     Partnerships (samples of partnerships can be found in the wiki under "What Other Libraries are Doing")     

     Bookmark sites on the computer

     Share workshop materials with others

     Utilize fact sheet - customer can complete prior to coming to the library

                   (fact sheet can be found in the wiki under "online applications")


Challenge:  No Jobs


     Provide resources to complete unemployment application

     Provide tools to customer for skills assessment (information in the "Getting Started" section of wiki)

     Encourage training (various training modules  in "Free Tutorials" and "What Other Libraries Are Doing" sections of the wiki)

     Provide information on support services

     Information on starting small business

     Explore volunteer opportunities

     Provide information on national job sites (information on "Where to Find Jobs" section of the wiki)


Challenge:  Customers Need Help with Applications/Resumes


     Partner with outside agencies

     AARP resources

     Online tutoring (training under "online applications" section of the wiki)

     Skill Builders

     Offer way to store information (data stick)

     Google docs

     Utilize fact sheet and other templates


Challenge:  Computer Skills


     Provide computer classes

     Set up times for individuals to make an appointment with library staff


     Partner with other agencies to provide computer classes (see samples on wiki under "What Other Libraries are Doing")

     Open computer lab early for computer training

     Online tutorials ("Free tutorials for people new to computers" on wiki)


Challenge:  Where Are the Jobs


     Utilize websites (see wiki "Where are the Jobs" )

     Professional associations

     City/government web sites



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