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"I found my job at the library!"

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Success Stories From NC Public LIbraries


From Union County Public Library

Union County Public Library is doing a program called Job Search @ Your Library.  One of our first patrons in program came in today and reported that he found a job about a month ago. He got the job because of the help we gave him in the Job Search @ Your Library program back in June.  Specifically, he used a resume that we had helped him create and print.  He said he left the resume with a prospective employer; a few weeks later they called him back and he has been working for them ever since.


He not only got a job, but he has also completed some safety certifications. Needless to say, he was very happy with the outcome.


For more information go to http://www.union.lib.nc.us


From Rowan County Public Library

An older woman came up to the reference desk and asked me for assistance getting on a computer.  I thought maybe she just needed help signing on since she hadn't used our lab before.  Well, I got her signed on and then she just sat there looking perplexed.  I asked if I could help her further and she said she wasn't real comfortable with computers and didn't know where to start.  So I pulled up a chair next to her and that's when she told me her story...
Her name is Ann and she was just recently laid off from the Hanes manufacturing facility here in town.  She worked there over 33 years!  She has a disabled son that she takes care of so she doesn't have a whole lot of time to commit to job searching.  She wanted to look for jobs online and she knew the library had computers she could use.  She said she was also hoping someone could help her learn how to use the computer.  Well, I told her she came to the right place.  We not only have the computers and Internet that she needs but we also are here to assist her in using them. 
It was when I was showing her how to get to the NCESC website that I discovered she didn't really know how to use the mouse.  So I showed her how and also told her I was planning to teach my Basic Windows class in April which would give her some more instruction on how to use a computer.  She was so thrilled to hear that.
So we spent a couple minutes looking at some jobs online and then she told me she had to go.  This time I was the one looking perplexed, I guess (thinking she would stay longer and look at more jobs), so she told me she already got what she came for.  She said she really just wanted to come to the library today to get over this fear of using a computer.  And she said she had.  
it was amazing.  This lady, with so much on her mind, was actually smiling by the time she left here.  I'm not telling this story to brag on myself, because I was just doing what any of the librarians would do, but to tell you that we are making a difference to the unemployed among us.
I hardly ever think to do this, but before she left I asked Ann if I could take her picture using the computer.  I've attached the photo to this email.  Look at her smile.  I hope it makes your day like it made mine.


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